Anti-wrinkle and fillers treatment in Nottingham

harley academy clinics botoxOur Nottingham clinic, Pure Aesthetics is supervised by Mrs Helen Allen. Pure Aesthetics has been firmly established in Nottingham since early 2003 and has a reputation for delivering the highest quality cosmetic treatments.

Patients interested in receiving anti-wrinkle and filler treatments in Nottingham are able to book their chosen date and time directly through our website, saving over 50% on regular high street prices. Injections and treatments are often quick and relatively painless, and patients are able to return to work and normal activities immediately.

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Mrs Helen Allen RGN, NIP.

Mrs Helen Allen is a registered nurse, committed to ensuring aesthetic treatments are carried out to the highest standards of safety. As an independent nurse prescriber, Helen has a great deal of experience in both training future aesthetic practitioners and delivering aesthetic procedures including the injection of the anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers.

Helen is incredibly passionate about education and safety in aesthetics and aims to ensure all patients treated in her clinic have their procedure delivered to the highest standard.

Clinic Details

Pure Aesthetics, Nottingham 

Supervisor: Mrs Helen Allen RGN, NIP.

Address: 7 Eldon Chambers, Nottingham, NG1 2NS