Anti-wrinkle and Fillers FAQ

Here you can find some answers to the most common questions we get asked by Harley Academy Clinics patients about Anti-wrinkle and filler treatments. For more information please contact us via our contact form, or by calling 0203 859 7598.

Who delivers my Anti-wrinkle and filler treatments?

Patients undergoing treatments with Harley Academy Clinics are treated by existing medical and healthcare professionals undertaking a postgraduate level qualification in facial injectable medicine. Treatments are supervised and led by experienced aesthetic professionals who guide Harley Academy students to deliver the treatment to the highest possible standards. This essentially means that both experienced aesthetic practitioner and Harley Academy students will perform your treatment.

All Harley Academy students are either a registered doctor, nurse, dentist, midwife or pharmacist before enrolling, meaning that your treatment is carried out by medical professionals.

How can treatments be delivered at prices much lower than at high street clinics?

Harley Academy Clinics can offer cost price Botox® and filler treatments because we receive the products at cost price from the manufacturer. Products are offered at cost price due to treatments being carried out as medical training, therefore we only charge for the cost of the products provided.

Clinics on the high street charge an extra markup on top of the cost of the products, hence why prices are more expensive

Is it safe?

Any medical procedure carries its associated risks, and all Harley Academy Clinics patients are well informed of the possible side effects of receiving Botox® and filler treatments prior to the procedure itself.  As stated above, all our treatments are carried out by experienced medical and healthcare professionals, supervised by leading practitioners who have been running their clinics for a number of years.

Although the price remains vastly lower than high street clinics, the quality and safety of your treatment remains at the highest standard

Can I have more than one treatment on the same day?

Yes, of course. All treatment options and payments are handled through our website, so what does this mean for patients wishing to receive more than one treatment a day?

For example, a patient wishing to receive Botox® to the forehead and lip fillers is able to do this by selecting the relevant options on our website. The same goes with two treatments of Botox®, or two of fillers. There is no set limit to how many treatments patients can receive in one day, however we do reserve the right to refuse treatment on safety and ethical grounds.

I've booked my treatment and paid online, but what is actually going to happen on the day?

For more information on what actually happens on the day of your treatment please see our dedicated treatment page which will provide you with a step by step guide to your Botox® or filler procedure.

Do I have to pay for my treatment beforehand?

Yes, all payments and bookings are handled via our website. Our website has SSL encryption built in, meaning that sensitive information such as names, addresses and payment information can be sent over the internet securely. You can check whether or not a website has SSL installed by looking in the address bar, and checking for a green padlock.

Who are Harley Academy, and what is their connection with Harley Academy Clinics?

Harley Academy is a nationwide training provider delivering a postgraduate level qualification in aesthetic medicine. Harley Academy are creators of the UK’s only Ofqual-regulated and British College of Aesthetic Medicine accredited level 7 qualification in aesthetic medicine, and members of the Harley Academy academic panel are leading experts in their field.

Harley Academy Clinics are the clinical arm of Harley Academy. This means that patients seeking treatment are connected with Harley Academy’s network of leading aesthetic practitioners to receive their treatment through the academy and it’s students.

For more information please see the Harley Academy website.