Why do people get chin fillers?

Increasing chin projection with dermal fillers can create a more ‘V’-shaped face shape, which is desirable when trying to feminise the face and bring proportions into harmony with other features. Chin Filler will also help for a recessive chin and is a lot more customizable and safer than a chin implant. If you ask for a full facial assessment, our aesthetic professionals will be able to tell whether this treatment will work with your other features.

Chin treatment

While the use of Botox smooths out the dimpled effect on the chin related to the muscle, Dermal fillers are used to shape and structure the lower face. Effective treatment can significantly sharpen your features, provide a defined jaw line and significantly improve the contours of the face and jowls.

Procedure Time 15 minutes
Back to work Immediately
Anaesthetic Optional
Onset of results Immediate
Duration of Action Approximately 12 months*
Harley Street Clinic Price £350 for 1 ml of Dermal Filler
Harley Academy Clinics Price £120 for 1 ml of Dermal Filler
Harley Academy Clinics Price in London £150 for 1 ml of Dermal Filler

* This takes into account all approved products and fits their recommendations.

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