What’s the cause?

Apart from the jaw bone, the chin is made up of the mentalis muscle. An overly dimpled chin occurs when the mentalis muscle scrunches up the tissue in the chin, resulting in the ‘orange peel’ effect. With some patients, this overactive muscle can cause spasms in the chin, which can be improved with Botulinum toxin injections.

Chin Botox® treatment

By using Botulinum Toxin, we can simply stop your Mentalis muscles from scrunching up the tissue. The treatment is very straightforward, with patients finding the ‘orange peel’ effect significantly reduced when moving or expressing their lower face. This treatment will take approximately 15 minutes with peak results after 14 days.

Procedure Time 15 minutes
Back to work Immediately
Anaesthetic Optional
On set of results Within 2 weeks
Duration of Action Approximately 3 months*
Harley Street Clinic Price £150 – £350 per area
Harley Academy Clinics Price £120 for up to 3 areas
Harley Academy Clinics Price in London £150 for up to 3 areas

* Treatment result and longevity will vary between individuals. You may require a review appointment after 2 weeks and a further treatment to gain your optimum result. Lines and wrinkles will not disappear completely following Botulinum toxin treatment. In most cases their appearance are just reduced.

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