What’s the cause?

Named because of the resemblance to a bird’s footprint, crow’s feet consist of the laughter lines and wrinkles that occur at the corner of our eyes. Although, for lots of people these lines disappear at rest, for many, the lines can deepen over time or worsen with sunlight, staying visible even without expression.

Botox® for crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are easily eradicated using Botulinum Toxin treatment. Simple injections are made around the eye to relax the muscles and smooth out the wrinkles. This procedure is very straightforward and shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes with effective results.

Procedure Time 15 minutes
Risk & Complications Possible mild injection-site swelling and bruising
Back to work Immediately
Anaesthetic Optional
On set of results Within 2 weeks
Duration of Actions Average 3 months
Clinic Price £150 per syringe
Harley Training Price £100 per 1ml syringe

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