Why do people get lip fillers?

Out of all the facial features, the lips are one of the most vulnerable to the effects of ageing. Furthermore, slight enhancement in the lips can provide a dramatic change in a person’s appearance. The skin is very thin and needs to be constantly moisturised by naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Over time, the skin lessens its production of hyaluronic acid which results in the thinning of the lip volume and lines around the mouth. Lip filler treatment is perfect for those looking to enhance the plumpness of their lips to their original size or smooth out lines caused by age or smoking.

Lip enhancement treatment

Lip fillers can be used to either smooth out the lines around the mouth to shape and define the lips, defining the vermillion border and philtrum columns, or to add volume to create a more desired plump and pout effect. Lip filler treatment provides an instant result, but because lips are such a delicate area, we always recommend using a topical anaesthetic to ensure patient’s comfort. If is common to experience some swelling and bruising post treatment which can take a few days to settle.

Procedure Time 15 minutes
Back to work Immediately
Anaesthetic Topical anaesthetic cream
On set of results Immediately
Duration of Action Average 3-6 months*
Harley Street Clinic Price £350 for 1 ml of Dermal Filler
Harley Academy Clinics Price £120 for 1 ml of Dermal Filler
Harley Academy Clinics Price in London £150 for 1 ml of Dermal Filler

* This takes into account all approved products and fits their recommendations.

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