Why do people get lip fillers?

Out of all the facial features, the lips are one of the most vulnerable to the effects of ageing. The skin is very thin and needs to be constantly moisturised by naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Over time the skin lessens its production of hyaluronic acid which results in the thinning of the lips and lines around the mouth. Lip filler treatment is perfect for those looking to enhance the plumpness of their lips to their natural size or smooth out lines caused by age or smoking.

Lip enhancement treatment

As described above, lip fillers can be used to either smooth out the lines around the mouth to shape and define the lips or to add volume to create the desired pout affect. The injection for shaping involves injecting streaks of soft dermal filler across the area surrounding the mouth to enhance the shape and remove harsh lines that may have occurred from age or smoking. To increase the volume of the lips, the filler is injected deeper into the border of the lips to enhance the natural plumpness for the perfect pout. The same effect can also be created from combining the two techniques together.

Procedure Time 30 minutes
Risk & Complications Possible mild injection-site swelling and bruising
Back to work Immediately
Anaesthetic Optional
On set of results Immediately
Duration of Actions 6-18 months *
Clinic Price £350 per syringe
Harley Training Price £100 per syringe

* This takes into account all approved products and fits their recommendations.

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