What is mesotherapy for?

Mesotherapy treatments are typically carried out in the aesthetic sector for treatment of the following conditions: dull and lifeless skin, fine lines and cellulite. The treatment can be performed on the face and the body. Mesotherapy replaces skin with essential vitamins and nutrients, which help improve the overall health and appearance.

What does mesotherapy involve?

Superficial injections are delivered to the affected area. The solution that is injected is a combination of effective ingredients, that are specifically formulated to combat the problematic skin presentation. If required, in the treatment of sensitive areas anaesthetic cream can be applied to the area before performing the treatment. For optimum results, a course of 4-6 sessions is advised every 1-2 weeks, with maintenance suggested 1-2 times a year.

Procedure Time 30-45 minutes
Back to work Varies (Immediately-24 hours)
Anaesthetic Optional
On set of results 12-16 weeks after multiple sessions
Suggested Treatment Plan For optimum results the treatment should be carried out every 1-2 weeks. 4-6 treatment sessions are suggested for optimum results
Harley Street Clinic Price £150 – £350 per area
Harley Academy Clinics Price 3 treatments for £250

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